We serve Christians around the world whose brave faith in Jesus means they are, beaten, threatened, imprisoned, tortured, falsely accused, disowned and hated.



Do you know someone who is deaf? If so, you’re likely aware of the challenges that this can bring. Thankfully, there is often a lot of support from the societies in which we live to help those who are deaf.

But in parts of Central Asia, this is not always the case, because being deaf carries a stigma that brings isolation and rejection, including trouble finding work. This adds to their suffering. In fact, some interpretations of Islam believe that deaf people cannot go to heaven.

Amazingly, the deaf community are among the fastest growing group of believers in Central Asia, helped by an initiative run by Open Doors local partners who show deaf people how treasured they are by God. This includes training in skills such as computing, make-up and how to repair mobile phones, as well as support for children, including road safety help because of the dangers facing deaf people near roads.

The community also provides support to withstand persecution, because those who come to know Jesus from a Muslim background can face hostility from their families and communities.

We’d love to particularly encourage the young people who are involved in this community by inviting you to write to them! They’d love to hear from you and be reminded that, amidst the rejection they can face because of their deafness and faith, their global church family is thinking about and praying for them.

  • Greeting cards, children’s artwork and postcards are best
  • Use simple English and keep your letter brief and without too much text (some of the children can’t yet read English)
  • Print clearly
  • Be encouraging and include one or two Bible verses
  • Show sensitivity; please don’t dwell on the recipient’s plight, or share about the blessings of life in your country.
For security
  • Do not mention Open Doors in your letters
  • If writing a postcard, please send it in an envelope and do not write the Open Doors’ address on the postcard
  • You may provide your name, but do not provide your full name or address
  • Do not criticise a region’s religion or religious extremists, its government, judicial system, or political leaders
  • Do not send money or make proposals to help.
Send to us!

This campaign is postal only. Please send your physical drawings, cards or letters to us at the below address:

PO Box 6
OX29 6WG

And we’ll do the rest!

Please note this campaign ends 31 December 2023. Since we are restricted in the amount of letters we can send to the centre, we may have to close the campaign early.

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