Credit card thefts increase by 30% in summer

Lenders Group Spain alerts users to the increase in card theft during the summer months. June 2017 was the most intense month in Spain, with 12.4%.

According to company data, in the summer months 30% of the card thefts that occurred in the year were concentrated in our country, 8.7% more than those that occurred in the following quarter.

“You always have to be cautious, but especially during the summer months and in the cities where there is an increase in the number of pedestrians caused by the influx of tourists, since it is when pickpockets see a greater opportunity to distract the subject to steal “says Danny Rodrigo, Iberia customer service director of Lenders Group Spain.


The increase in subtractions in the summer season

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It is also due to the fact that with the arrival of the heat we use a more informal wardrobe in which clothes are dispensed with and smaller bags are used, leaving our portfolio, in most cases, to the view and accessible to possible pickpockets.

“In addition, in summer the days of relaxation and rest increase and we tend to lower our guard. When we enjoy the holidays we are not so attentive to our belongings, so the incidence record is higher, ”he adds. It also states that the increase in outdoor activities is another reason why we should be especially careful during the hottest seasons.


Street, public transport and shopping centers, the places of greatest risk

Street, public transport and shopping centers, the places of greatest risk

According to data in relation to the places where thefts of these plastics occur, Lenders Group Spain ensures that 43.2% of the card thefts reported during 2017 occurred on public roads, being the location that recorded the most robberies last year. This is followed by public transport, with 14%, and shopping centers, with 11%, these three locations being the places of greatest risk and where we must pay special attention.

On the other hand, hospitals, airports and supermarkets are among the safest places with the least bank robberies registered last year, according to company data. “However, this data does not mean that we should not protect our belongings as much as possible if we are accompanying a family member admitted or are sitting quietly waiting for our next flight, since pickpockets are specialist people to detect when a person is especially distracted , about all now that we spend much of the day without looking away from our smartphone, ”he concludes.