Bank Payday Loan Installment Calculation

Fine Bank’s product portfolio includes several alternatives, including payday loans. What does the Fine Bank payday loan installment calculation mean ? Here are some clarifications.

Fine Bank payday loan: all the advantages

Fine Bank personal loan: all the advantages

Before delving into the payday loan issue Fine Bank installment calculation it is good to have clear ideas on the main advantages of these products. Fine Bank payday loans are first of all characterized by the possibility to submit the request online, thanks to the convenience of the digital signature which has the same value as the one affixed on paper.

Since these are not finalized loans, it is not mandatory to present a statement of the expenses made with the amount received.

Fine Bank loans: information to request them

Fine Bank loans: information to request them

A further aspect to be explored before getting to the heart of Fine Bank payday loan calculation is the question of the request procedures which, as already specified, provide for the concretization of the procedure directly online.

The customer concerned can upload the required documents from the official website – a valid identity card, a tax ID card, document certifying the receipt of an income – and wait up to 48 hours for a communication on the feasibility of the loan.

Fine Bank payday loan installment calculation: here’s how to proceed

Fine Bank personal loan installment calculation: here

How do I proceed with payday loan Fine Bank installment calculation? In this case it is possible to give space to another important advantage, namely the possibility of calculating the amount of the monthly installment directly from the official website.

Let’s start by giving an example and assume the request for $ 15,000 and the simultaneous choice to repay everything in 96 installments. In this case, the beneficiary would pay a monthly installment of $ 200, with fixed TAN and APR corresponding respectively to 6.39 and 6.58%.

Fine Bank loan installment: another concrete example

Fine Bank loan installment: another concrete example

Making concrete examples is the best way to evaluate the level of convenience of a loan and this also applies when it comes to payday loan Fine Bank installment calculation. In addition to the example just made, it is appropriate to field another, assuming the request for $ 12,000 and the choice to repay the whole in 84 months.

In this case, the monthly beneficiary of the loan contract would pay $ 177.60, with fixed TAN and APR equal to 6.39 and 6.58% respectively.

To make a final simulation we always take the figure in question, but we assume the choice to return it in 78 months. In this case, the installment paid by the borrower would amount to $ 188.50, with a fixed TAN and APR equal to 6.40 and 6.59% respectively.

The Fine Bank payday loan is characterized by the lack of ancillary costs – the contract holder is not required to pay stamp duties or handling costs of the case – and for the possibility, against payment of at least 6 regular installments, to apply to starting from the seventh the minimum quota available.