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Weight training

Staten Island On The Run: Weight Lifting And Running – To Lift Or Not To Lift?

In 1975, 6-foot-tall New Zealander John Walker became the first person to run under 3.50 minutes (3 minutes, 49.4 seconds), his muscular physique showing his running power.

In 1979, Briton Sebastian Coe, 5-10, broke Walker’s record and ended up lowering the world record to 3: 47.33. His slim physique showed that Coe was sliding effortlessly.

When asked about bodybuilding, the answers were surprising.

“You mean weights? Walker asked.

“No, just run.”

“The weight room was an essential part of my workout,” Coe said. “Supreme core strength and physical conditioning went hand in hand. “

Both possessing different physique and bodybuilding beliefs, John Walker (left) and Sebastian Coe (right) nonetheless broke the world kilometer record and won gold in the Olympic 1,500 meters. (Wikipedia)

The debate over bodybuilding for runners continues.

“I lift weights three times a week, for about 60 to 75 minutes per session,” said world champion Emma Coburn.

Robby Andrews, a Staten Island native and 2016 Olympian, also uses the weights. “I think strength training is a great way for runners to balance some of the weaknesses we all have by repeating the same movement thousands of times a day,” Andrews said.

The “King of the Roads” Bill Rodgers offered this insight.

“When I started my marathon career, I ran twice a day, but after each run I did 50 sit-ups,” said the four-time New York and Boston Marathon champion. “I’ve also always used light dumbbells maybe three times a week at 15 or 20 pounds.”

“I love all the components of strength training, however, runners should practice the ‘identical moves’ using their own body weight … miler and New York champion Rod Dixon.

The only American cross-country world champion (twice) took a different approach.

I’ve been training two to three times a week starting in my last year of high school, ”said three-time Olympian Craig Virgin who, like Rodgers and Dixon, has visited Staten Island in recent years.

“But most of my strength training up to that point was working on the farm where I lived!” “

Virgin would eventually be known by a generation of runners to train with one pound weight gloves.

“I discovered the difficult way to use them only in morning 3-5 mile runs and also in some training exercises like bonding,” he said.

Craig Virgin with Bill Welsh and John Tobin

Two-time world cross country champion Craig Virgin (center with – LR – Bill Jankunis, Bill Welsh and the late John Tobin) was a popular user of weight training gloves in the 1980s (Photo by the Staten Island Running Association )

For Virgin, they worked!

“Believe it or not, they helped me make my arms more efficient while running, as well as developing better arm control and a better kick!” he said. “I won my second cross country world championships in a sprint which was improved by my training with weighted racing gloves. I used them for the rest of my racing and racing career.

Yet Olympic marathon medalist Deena Kastor is on the opposite side. “No, I didn’t put on any weight.”

The American legend of the 800, Johnny Gray either. “My training was just to run, with no weights, just running a lot of miles,” said the three-time Olympian.

Legend Johnny Gray

Former US 800-meter (1: 42.65) record holder Johnny Gray with race columnist Jeff Benjamin in a photo taken in 1996.

Closer to home, some believe that weights are beneficial.

Strength training is very beneficial for all runners, ”said John Padula. “It helps improve speed, coordination, running economy and helps correct muscle imbalances that prevent injury.”

A USATF Level 3 trainer, Padula also trains at the Susan Wagner HS and the Island Express Track Club.

Jean Padula

USATF Licensed Track Coach Susan Wagner John Padula is a strong supporter of bodybuilding for runners.

“For best results, real strength training – squats, lunges, deadlifts or Olympic lifts – should be done on speed days, for example. all repetitions of 150m or less or on hill days, ”said Padula. “On longer race days, it is best to do weight training or circuit lifts. These elevators help with recovery.

“One of the concerns for long-distance runners is weight gain,” said Padula. “In order to avoid weight gain, lifting should be done in sets of 3 to 5 repetitions. This will maximize strength and prevent hypertrophy.

The main local competitor, Dave Dorsey, strongly believes in it.

“For runners, strength training is an essential ingredient for the development of strength and endurance,” said Dorsey. “As runners we use our arms to generate momentum and flow to our legs which propels us forward … I strongly recommend that runners do weight training at least twice a week . “

Longtime runner and MSIT coach Patricia Mulligan is following a different path.

“I’m big on a lot of weight-bearing exercises and don’t hit the weights,” said Mulligan, a consistent veteran. “Pushups, core exercises (planks), lunges, squat jumps, plyometrics, gluteal bridges … I also like working with resistance bands to strengthen the hips.”

Carlos and Jenn Pineiro’s running duo also do groups, but also incorporate strength training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and hip flexors, among others.

“If you don’t run until the end, you’ll get injured,” said Carlos. “Your body will not be able to take the pounding. “

The debate continues!

News from the local running community

Complete racing solutions

March 20 will be the second stop in the Complete Race Solutions Trail Triple Crown series, the Resolution Run 4-miler. Beautiful woods to walk through with meandering streams and challenging trails to the finish line in Bloomingdale Park. Overall the best male and female prices and age groups, music and good times with social distancing protocols still in place…. Information and registration can be found here:

Ocean breeze

Registration for WaveRunners Youth is open until March 13.

Here is the link with all the registration information:

Richmond rockets

10K champions

Martin LaRosa and Nicole Macri won the 10K in the senior 10K virtual race.

The Rockets hosted the very first virtual 5k / 10k “We Love Our Seniors” to support our local HS seniors and the JCC Senior Virtual Food Drive. The funds have helped provide meals for the elderly who have been hit hard by the pandemic. Congratulations to everyone who completed the event! Congratulations to 5K first place winners Chris Calamano (18:24) and Kyla Leathers (22:00), darling 5K couple Teresa Notaristefano and Ashely Zanata and 10K couple Martin Larosa and Nicole Macri (44:06) . Thanks to Andrea Germano for the bibs.


The Staten Island Athletic Club will host St. Patrick’s Day 5k at Clove Lakes Park on Saturday, March 27 at 10 a.m. For more information, visit


SITRAC continues to work on organizing a Triple Crown road race series (live race) in 2021. The SGG Ollis race is scheduled for Sunday June 13th. Unfortunately, the Arielle Newman race will not continue with the Newman family in charge. SITRAC will be reaching out to the running community and teams to work with Kiwanis to promote a race for July 4th. SITRAC is still awaiting confirmation of the Celic Run in September.

Quiz – Quiz on monthly prizes

Please submit your response to my email below. All the correct answers will then be put into a lot where three winners will be drawn. One winner receives a pair of ASICS running shoes, the second a competition session at CRYO Staten Island (, and the third selected winner will receive a $ 20 gift card to the Runners High Running Store (

Congratulations to last month’s winners Sean Lynch (ASICS Shoes), George LaManna (Cryo Session) and Rich Potter ($ 20 gift card)!

Question of the month

SIAC St. Patty’s 5K has been part of the racing scene since 1993!

Identify a male and female race winners.

Good luck and see you next month!

Keep running !! Questions, comments, upcoming news? Please feel free to email Jeff at

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Fitness exercise

Save $ 400 on MYX Fitness Exercise Bikes

Prices and availability of the offer may change after the publication date.

Save $ 400: MYX exercise bikes offer on-screen training like Peloton, but are more economical. As of February 24, they are also $ 150 off with the promo code FEB150MYX, and get free shipping and assembly (a $ 250 value).

As we mentioned before, sometimes it just isn’t in the budget to drop close to $ 2,000 on a Peloton bike. Fortunately, more affordable exercise bikes have a little time. We told you about Amazon’s deal of the day on February 22 which reduced a Finer Form stationary bike by $ 180, and starting February 24, we have another great fitness bike deal for you.

MYX Fitness offers two exercise bikes and you can save $ 150 either by entering the code FEB150MYX at the register. Bonus: MYX also has a free shipping and assembly offer, which saves you an additional $ 250.

The MYX bike has a 21.5-inch touchscreen monitor where you can take lessons with a MYX subscription, which costs $ 29 per month compared to $ 39 per month for the Peloton subscription. New whole body classes (AKA, not just cycling) are added every week, so you can change your fitness routine.

The MYX Plus bike has all the features of the regular bike, but it also comes with a stabilizer mat, oversized exercise mat, six piece weight set with kettlebell, foam roller, and resistance bands. It’s like having a mini gym inside your house.

The bikes have a delivery time of two to five weeks compared to eight to ten weeks for Peloton. The MYX bike costs $ 1,149 with the discount code and the MYX Plus is $ 1,349, and there are options to finance them for monthly payments. Don’t forget to enter FEB150MYX at the register.

Credit: myx fitness

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Fitness exercise

Stay slim all year round with the Sunny Health & Fitness exercise bike: $ 181 (reg. $ 250)

Amazon offers the Sunny Health & Fitness Stationary Indoor Cycle (SF-B1001S) for $ 180.99 shipped. That’s $ 69 less than it’s been on average and is $ 0.61 off the lowest price we’ve tracked in over a year. If you are looking for a way to stay in shape all year round, this exercise bike is worth your attention. Its seat is fully adjustable, which allows it to be moved vertically and horizontally. Thanks to its implementation of a 30-pound flywheel, this solution would give the impression of “riding a real bike and not a fitness machine”. Rated 4.1 / 5 stars.

If you can live without a 30-pound flywheel, consider XTERRA Fitness folding exercise bike $ 134. One feature where this offering excels is its ability to fold up and only requires 18.1 x 18.1 inches of floor space. Amazon buyers have collectively left over 9,800 reviews and the average rating for this most sold the exercise bike is 4.6 / 5 stars.

Improve results by taking advantage of the MyProtein President’s Day sale. In our article we highlight how you can take up 60% reduction using a site-wide coupon code. One of the top products in the sale is 11 pounds of Impact Whey Isolate. Believe it or not, you could drop the price to $ 58 and cash $ 82 savings.

Features of the Sunny Health & Fitness exercise bike:

  • Fully adjustable seat, can be adjusted up / down and forward / backward. Foam handles can be adjusted up / down
  • Chain drive delivers realistic, smooth and quiet workouts
  • Adjustable resistance for variable training

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Fitness exercise

Army begins fitness exercise |

The Gambian Army has informed the public that the 1st Infantry Battalion of its staff Yundum Barracks has started a fitness exercise.

“The defense headquarters camp and the barracks of the 1st Yundum Infantry Battalion on Wednesday February 3, 2021 start the CFT and BFT respectively. The CFT is a form of test / exam that every officer / soldier is required to undergo annually after passing their Basic Physical Fitness Test (BFT).

“This mandatory annual test is performed in accordance with the training guidelines of the Chief of the Defense Staff. It is made to assess the physical strength, agility, endurance and combat ability of each active GAF member in the khaki uniform. The success of this test shows that the individual is ready to assume all the military activities that he can be asked to do.
However, a precursor to this is a Basic Physical Fitness Test (BFT) which involves running without wearing speed for a total distance of 5 km; 2.5 km one way and 2.5 km return to the starting point. The return to the starting point of 2.5 km is timed in 10 minutes for personnel under 25 years old. The times allowed to pass the fitness test, however, vary by age and gender. Running is one aspect of BFT; Push-ups, squats, pull-ups and other physical exercises are also tested to assess the fitness of the GAF officer / soldier, ”the army statement read.

The statement added: “Unlike the BFT, the CFT is a 12 km race (6 km outside / 6 km in the back) carrying individual rifles and a backpack weighing up to 15 kg on the back. of the individual. Participating troops in full combat order would run and march the 12 km with schedules ranging from 1 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. depending on the unit conducting the exercise.

Publication displays:

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Physical fitness

What is the share of the mind in physical form?

By Promise Twinamukye

Have you tried to lose weight by exercising without much success? The problem could be solved just by getting your mind to cooperate. This is called cognitive ability.

What is cognitive ability?
It’s more of a mental form, but it most certainly plays a huge role in physical form, shaping one’s ability to remember movements for example and enter the flow.

Getting in shape and having the right mindset to do it usually have a correlation. While some of these correlations may not be tangible, they do exist.

Rosette didn’t like working out for any reason, and she didn’t want to lose weight either. She was brought in to train with a group of friends. She didn’t want to let them do it on their own. After a few weeks, they would come together and weigh their weight. While others lost 5kg, 4kg, 3kg, Rosette stayed the same even after going through the same routine and exercise program. She couldn’t take any weight off because her mind wasn’t there.

According to Innocent Ntabazi, a psychiatric nurse, for training to be effective, you have to program your mind to react accordingly.

How your mind affects fitness
Cognitive well-being can also affect physical well-being and vice versa. If the mind is struggling, you may find it difficult to focus on your goals. When your body is not doing well (for example if you are sick) it can also affect the brain.


For example, a person with psychosis, an illness that affects the way your brain processes information, primarily a symptom of mental or physical illness, extreme stress, or trauma, may not be able to to do things right.

Most people with the condition tend to have poor judgment and rarely care about their personal appearance, according to Ntabazi.

How the rest of the body is affected
Postpartum psychosis (an illness that occurs days or weeks after the birth of a child) can affect a person’s ability to think clearly or focus on personal goals.

Ntabazi says depression and anxiety can also change the way one thinks about one’s fitness routine. Because the body is primarily guided by the brain, any disturbance delays the body.
However, training has also been shown to decrease overall blood pressure levels, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep and improve self-esteem.

There are many ways to deal with the mental processes involved in acquiring knowledge and understanding, including thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem solving.

Ntabazi says that a balanced diet nourishes the neurons in the brain that help it cool off.

According to Harvard Health, like an expensive car, your brain works best when it receives higher quality fuel. Eating high quality foods that are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants nourishes the brain and protects it from oxidative stress, the “wastes” (free radicals) produced when the body uses oxygen, which can cause damage cells.
Enough of rest and fitness, have a way to refresh the mind and make it comfortable.

Good stress management (while some may share their problems, others may want to keep their problems to themselves. While the former helps relieve stress, the latter increases it).

According to Solomon Kirinya, physical trainer, it is a little difficult to motivate yourself without outside forces.

This is called intrinsic motivation (when you adopt a behavior because you find it rewarding or satisfying). You do an activity because you enjoy doing it, not because you want to get something in return or avoid something unpleasant. The behavior itself is its own reward.

There are people who can always get motivation on their own, but there are those who, when they conform to something, need outside forces to achieve their set goals.
“It’s like learning to drive. You start with an instructor and later you start driving on your own, ”says Kirinya.

Getting examples of people who have done something of the same interest with a person helps you realize that you can do it too. By external motivation, you end up liking an activity and enjoying it without being told.
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